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 Valintino Lombardi, RI DLT addresses the RIM Breakfast Meeting - October, 2010

Valentino Lombardi, Esquire, from the RI Department of Labor & Training informed the more than twenty mediators who attended the October breakfast meeting about the State’s program of supplying mediators for labor-management conflicts.  It was great to hear that the Labor Department values the kind of work that we do.

Professor Kogan Asks: “Are there other areas of conflict that would benefit from mediation that are not being served?”

Professor Bruce Kogan Posted the following question. Why do readers of this blog think that mediation has been so slow coming to Rhode Island when there is so much more activity next door in Massachusetts?  Considering that this state was founded by Roger Williams and Anne Hutchison who both believed in tolerance and collaboration, you would think that Rhode Island would be in the forefront of peaceful, conversation and interest based conflict resolution.

The RI Mediators Association is a non-profit association dedicated to serving and supporting Rhode Island Mediators. We are committed to providing a forum for Mediators and an opportunity for interested parties seeking to locate practicing Mediators in the State of Rhode Island. 

The purpose of the Association is:
(a) to promote mediation as a profession and as a form of dispute resolution in Rhode Island;
(b) to advance the field of mediation towards clearer and higher standards of ethics and accountability;
(c) to promote education and training in mediation;
(d) to increase public awareness of mediation and bring it further into the mainstream of public consciousness;
(e) to expose to and involve in mediation as many people as possible;
(f) to create a network of mediation professionals and allied professionals;
(g) to foster networking and marketing in the field of mediation;
(h) to promote professional development and peer support and review in mediation;
(i) to create high standards of training and qualification for mediators in Rhode Island;